Washington Place will utilize sustainable design practices in combination with its immediate proximity to public transportation to create an authentic and innovative place to live and play.  The project will integrate a variety of uses, including small scale retail stores, restaurants, and residences, which fosters a sense of community and encourages pedestrian activity, thus enhancing the whole village experience.

• A total of 25% (35) of the units will be affordable. 15% of the units will be affordable to those earning no greater than 50% to 80% of the median income; additionally, 10% more units will be affordable for those who earn between 80% to 120% of the median income
• 99 street level parking spaces at the rear of the site dedicated to the commercial patrons and a 210 car subsurface garage for residential tenants
• Over 15,000 square feet of dedicated outdoor space available to patrons of the commercial space, residents of the building, and the general public.
• Project will provide a significant upgrade to the existing traffic signalization and pedestrian crossings at the Washington Street and Walnut Street intersection, including conforming with ADA requirements. Fun Fact: Walnut Street Sidewalk: Increased by up to 7′ & Washington Street Sidewalk: Increased by up to 10′.
• A 2,030 square foot community space with dedicated entry and elevator space. The community space will work with various outreach programs in Newton.
• Residential tenants will be eligible to receive transportation reimbursements including; commuter rail passes, subway passes, bus passes and more!
• Bike friendly with dedicated bike lanes along Washington Street and Walnut Street, dedicated bike parking & bike repair space for the public and 1.0+ bike spaces for residential units.
• The site planning, building design, construction, maintenance and long-term operation of the premises will contribute significantly to the efficient use and conservation of natural resources and energy. LEED Gold Certified & Solar Ready.